DIR-300 WIFI router install and BSN Broadband [Solved/Closed]

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Please help me in installing DIR-300 WIFI router

i am using BSNL Broadband connection

CD they gave for installation is not working properly

Vijay V
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Thank you
hehe dude it gave me the same problem, what you do is:

1> switch on your AP(plug it in to power) nothing else
2> then on another computer scan for wireless networks, you should see a network called D-LINK or Dlink something of the sort, connect to it
3>the default ip for the system is, after connecting, go to your browser and type in the default ip and click go
4> it should give you a loging page
5> the default setting are user name:admin
no password

and your in, you can now play around with it and stuff, be imaginative...

dont use the cd its crap

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hi man thanks for ur help,now how do i set a passcode on my wirless?