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Wifi while camping


Hi, How to find wifi while camping?

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Google wifi light


Hi, Why Google Wifi shows orange light?

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Know about wifi security


Hello, hello sir i'm using linksys wifi router which model number is WRT54G ; i want to protected my wifi network through WEP OR WPA pls tell me th...

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I bought terabyte 802.11n antenna wifi


Hello, I bought terabyte 802.11n antena wifi and my laptop dont have cd drive how can i install drivers

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Photo apps do not recognize wifi any more


Hello, I switched recently from an LTE internet to DSL internet and faced some strange problem: my photo app (I tried many - all have the same prob...

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Wireless connected but no internet access


Hello, My wireless is connected but no internet access so please give the solutions.....Matang Gor...

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Wireless switch not working sony vaio


Hello, Hi I downgraded my Sony Vaio from Windows 7 to XP professional, now Wireless switch is not working. I tried everything told on this forum, ...

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Wifi and wifi indicator light won't work


Hello, Recently on my Toshiba Satellite Laptop, the WIFI indicator light turned off and won't turn on neither would it connect to the WIFI. I troubl...

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How i can access my router login page ?


How I can access my router login page if I don't know my login IP address ! I tried this:

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Nepali server and nice pin for nepal


You should bring event and nepali server for nepal.why the pin of nepal is being high.we should give reason.when we ask you to need nepali platform yo...

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Elena Keracheva  

How to get wifi on my ipad?


Hi, I am trying to find out how to get WiFi service for my iPad?

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Connected to wifi, but can't browse


Hello, I have an acer aspire one notebook bought in Norway, Oslo. It operates on Linux software. My problem is that it connects to the wireless at my...

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No wireless, only stupid orange light!


Hello, I have a Compaq Presario F500 running on Windows Vista. I could able to connect it with the wireless internet until this morning! Now, no bo...

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Usb adapter


Hello, 300mps Wireless USB Adapter Alfa Network. I want This Setup with CD. Please Share Setup

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Wireless - advanced settings: rifs advertisement?


Hello, I would like to know what is the function of that option? I looked for information on the net, but I couldn't understand it in general. I would...

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Changing wifi password


I want to change the password of my Airtel broadband connection/Modem 450tc1 How that can be changed

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Laptop wireless internet not working


Hello, I have a Dell laptop that will not connect to the wireless Internet provided by my in-home router. I can pick up wireless from my iPad and ...

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Remove connections on my wifi


Hello, How do I remove connections to my WiFi and reset the WiFi password

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Lg smart tv


I recently subscribed to Netflix streaming directly into my LG Smart TV. Since then, the tv struggles to stream videos via the internet or from You Tu...

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Wireless router connected but no internet


Hello, my sons laptop will not connect to internet I have ipconfig all it says this request requires elevation also the media is disconnected iam n...

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Acer small tablet laptop wont connect to wifi


Hello, my acer notebook the tiny one wont connect to wifi. please help it says no wifi connections.????

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Facing login problems with my wifi router


Hi, I have been trying to log into my router but it is not working since yesterday. I changed the password 2 months back but I am having trouble d...

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Acer aspire a114-31 can't connect to the internet


Hello, Suddenly this evening, my laptop has refused to connect to the internet. I use Windows 10S. When I go to Network and Internet, it shows un...

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To install wireless usb adapter without cd


Hello, I lost my CD that came with my wireless USB adapter number 802.11g DWL-G122. Is there anyway I can install same on my new PC? Please he...

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Netflix connection


Hi, I want Netflix on my direct tc. How do I do that?

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Ratnendra Ashok  

Sony vaio wireless switch problem


Hello, I just recently put a new power jack in my laptop. Everything worked fine except for now my wireless does not work. I have a Dell Latitude D...

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How long will it take to download the movie?


How long will it take to download the movie? Thanks!

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Sony vaio wireless switches off unexpectedly


Hello, I have a Sony Vaoi Core laptop with i5 processor with Windows 7 installed on it. The problem is that the Wireless LED switches off unexpect...

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How to create email account?


Hello, i Am Sk Ford I Wanted To Do Email Account

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Ratnendra Ashok  

Wirelessly connect bravia to macbook


I have a new Sony Bravia KDL32EX403, a Sony UWA-BR100 LAN adapter, an N standard router and a new white Macbook. Sony internet video is mostly drivel...

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Jean-François Pillou  

Multiple names on wi-fi/network


Hello, I have a host that i setup with "Lany" name. To use my print by Wi-fi, My computer and the print need to be connected on the same network. ...

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Wan connection down


Hello, One day, out of the blue, my router's WAN connection went down. I went through troubleshooting and turned it off and back on, yada yada yad...

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Ssid names not matching - putting a 2 after name


Hello, as written in the title, I have an annoying issue in both a Vista and a Win 10 based pcs. I have a Netgear router working with the networ...

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Installing asus ac-53 without cd


Hi, I need to install ASUS Ac-53 USB adapter without using the CD. Can someone help me with instruction please?

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Sony vaio wifi not working after win 10 upgrade


Hello, I have recently updated my Sony Vaio laptop VPCEB4X0E from the original windows 7 that came with it to windows 10. Since then the WiFi on t...

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Wifi works but browsers don't? (win10)


Hi, I know wifi is working because online games work but pages don't load at all on browsers. I tried the cmd fix 'netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.t...

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Full network access


Can you help me with this?

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Connection problems


Hello, I have a Asus x205t laptop that lacks the ability to connect on Wi-Fi at home or school and if it does connect at home it keeps dropping sign...

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Can't connect via wireless after factory restore


Hello, I'm hoping that someone might be able to help me. I have a Gateway SX2855 desktop which froze the other day and would not boot up after tha...

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Wifi connected but can't open any websites


Since Friday morning my HP laptop (has windows 7 home premium) can't open any websites. It shows the internet connected on the network (on IPV4). I ha...

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Can't access internet - wireless working


Hello, We had a storm earlier this week and every since then I have not been able to get on the Internet. Thought it was the router, but we reset i...

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Change wifi extender


I have struggling for days because my wifi extender not working properly. I connect my Extender to my router but Still does not work.I want to change ...

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Turn on wireless capabilities with function k


Hello, I cannot fiqure out what functions key combination turns on my Wireless Capabilities on my HP Laptop. I do not have a switch or botton to...

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Not receiving any packets - wireless


Hello, I'm new so take it easy. Here's the problem. I have two laptops, both Dell Latitude's, running Windows XP SP2 and SP3 respectfully. Th...

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Hello, Is there anyway to open without knowing TP-Link wifi security password

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Wifi connected but no internet access


Hello, I'm connected to a public server at my university and the wifi says connected but I don't have access to the internet. I know the Internet wo...

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Wifi connection not showing


Hello, I have an ACER Aspire V13 with Windows 10 OS. My problem is, I was having problem before with the wifi connection. It keeps on getting dis...

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Red x appears beside wifi signal - i'm stumped!


Hello forum members, I have a very strange thing going on with my WiFi connectivity and hoping someone can help. I will provide as much info here ...

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Trouble connecting to hotspots


Both my e-book reader and laptop do connect to the internet, but only at home. Elsewhere (and I travel a lot) they do not. What used to happen is that...

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The connection between router and modem did not work


I followed the instructions to set the router so I can have wi-fi available for my tablet and cellphone. The brand of the router is TP-link- WR740N an...

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