Finding a cell and adding 1 to a cell in an adjacent column

aarnold@wanee11111 - Jan 15, 2018 at 04:05 PM
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I am working on a simple stat program to replace a tally sheet we use in basketball practice. I have created a page to choose names and statistics to add. Each player has their own macro button that changes the name cell to the appropriate player. If Smith makes a basket, I click on his macro and his name is typed into A10. On the second page, I have the names of all the players in column 1 and all statistics I want to keep track of in row A. I'd like to create macro buttons for the statistics on the first page. Suppose I want to keep track of made baskets in column 2. Assuming I already have the players name in A10, I want to find that name in A1 on my stats sheet and add 1 to the value in column 2 (made baskets). Is this possible?

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If your player name is the left most column, this is possible with Vlookup. Take a look here and let us know if you need help:

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