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I hope you are ready to start a journey full of fear and evil toys in the Playtime Co. toy factory. In Poppy Playtime, as a former employee, you will have to investigate and discover what happened to a group of workers. Explore the place, solve riddles, and find evidence. Still, stay alert as the factory seems inhabited by demonic toys that look like Five Nights at Freddy's monsters.


A few years ago, a group of workers of the former Playtime Co. toy factory mysteriously disappeared. Nobody can be sure about what happened, but some people think that the villains would be the toys that still haunt the place. You will have to face them to survive in this evil place, at least until dawn. Be clever, stranger, and do everything you can because you’re now alone against forces you are not prepared to fight.


  • Explore the place: Explore at your own risk the different rooms of the factory to find the clues. Hide in the ventilation ducts, set traps, and use machines and other elements in the factory, but above all, make sure not to be attacked by the demonic toys if you want to stay alive until dawn.
  • The Grabbag: Use and upgrade your backpack equipped with retractable hands to interact with your environment, hold objects, activate buttons, connect machines, and more.
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  • Huggy Wuggy: Many terrifying dolls inhabit the factory, but one of them is just horrific. Pay attention to Huggy Wuggy because it can appear anytime; the blue stuffed animal will look for you to give you a deadly hug.
  • Solve puzzles: During this journey, you will also have to solve puzzles if you want to increase your chance of staying alive.
  • Act wisely: You will have to face different challenges and horror scenes in the factory. Sometimes stealth will be the right choice, sometimes running away will be your only option if you don’t want to die.
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Graphics and sound

Poppy Playtime’s graphic quality is just exceptional compared to other titles of the same genre. The first-person perspective and the frightening atmosphere make the whole game terrifying and thrilling. Moreover, the sound and the soundtrack are perfect for an immersive experience.

Duration and game modes

Poppy Playtime offers a solo adventure that lasts approximately 40 minutes, the adventure is perfect for those who have a limited amount of time to play video games.

What do the reviews say?

Poppy Playtime has not been officially rated by Metacritic, but over 30000 players have rated it Mostly Positive on average on Steam.

Age rating

For the moment, there is no PEGI rating, note that it contains horror scenes that may hurt the sensitivity of some users.

Is Poppy Playtime free?

Poppy Playtime is now free to play, so hurry up and download it now!

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