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  • Developer Mairusu
  • Version 5.1.0
  • License Freeware
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Five Nights in Anime is an indie point-and-click survival fangame based on the Five Nights at Freddy's series, and the first title of the anime series composed of Five Nights in Anime 2, and Five Nights in Anime 3. The gameplay mechanics are quite similar as you will have to watch over a facility full of "evil" anime animatronics that will try to scare you to death by moving their bodies in front of you.


You work as a security guard at Freddy's Anime Convention. Even though the place is lovely during the day, it turns into a creepy place during the night filled with "sexy but evil" animatronics that will try to "scare" you to death using their body. Your mission is simple, watch over all the rooms and the anime animatronics from your office using your cameras and managing your resources. Pay attention to the cute but cunning animatronics and shut them down if you find them under your door light, stay alert and make sure no one enters your office through the doors or ventilation system. Be careful, night watcher, as the inanimate ones will come for you.

This is the first title of the series, the other installments are Five Nights in Anime 2 and Five Nights in Anime 3.


  • Fear (and love) them all: This place is full of kawaii evil animatronics you will have to watch over from your office. Use your security cameras to know where the inanimate beings are in the facility, shut them down when you spot one under your door light, and make sure no one comes to your office through doors and the ventilation system by closing their entrances. In each game, you will have to score as many points as possible.
© Five Nights in Anime
  • Survive and enjoy the view: The parodic game has been designed to make you enjoy the cute anime animatronics with suggestive body shapes and "jump scares". In addition, you might love to discover all the wicked animations the developer has put in the game.
  • Manage the power supply: Every action you perform, like using cameras, doors, and door lights, will consume your precious reserve of power. So manage it carefully, as terrible things might happen if you run out of it.
  • Lots of animatronics: The game features all the animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's to Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and introduces new ones. Lots of characters await you to be discovered or re-discovered.
  • Shape your experience: Thanks to the Custom Night settings, you will be able to choose what animatronics you will face. Depending on the difficulty level, you can set the score and tune several settings related to your office, the power supply, and the challenges.
© Five Nights in Anime

Graphics and sound

The game has been made with the famous GameMaker engine and offers cartoonish but creepy graphics combined with coherent OST and audio feedback that will (in a lovely way) terrify you. The overall result is still good for an indie game that does not aim to stand as a graphics masterpiece.

Duration and game modes

Five Nights in Anime offers a solo adventure with a gradually increasing difficulty curve. Depending on what you are looking for, you can complete the game in a few hours or more if you want to see all the jumpscares.

What do the reviews say?

For an indie video game created for a small and specific community, it has been well received.

Age rating

Although Five Nights in Anime has no official PEGI rating, it can be considered suitable for an adult audience because it contains suggestive scenes.

How to play Five Nights in Anime?

Finding a good balance between keeping yourself protected and making the power last is key to survival. Always watch the rooms surrounding your office, as these are the only rooms these evil beings can attack you from. Alternately open and close doors in case of danger, turn on the lights, and use security cameras to watch the different places.

Is Five Nights in Anime a game?

Yes, Five Nights in Anime is a point-and-click parodic horror game. The terrifying animatronics from the Five Nights at Freddy's series are replaced by anime animatronics.

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