My computer automically turn off

puneet - Jun 5, 2009 at 11:02 AM
 peerData - Jun 5, 2009 at 11:44 AM
i am puneet.I have some problem my computer will automically turn off after 3 or 4 hours.

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are you getting any errors? If so what? If not, it sounds like either 1: A Heating issue (more than likely) or 2: It could be bad memory. Make sure that all fans are turning. If they are, then look at the memory. If that isn't it, maybe it is a heat issue because you have it in a bad ventilation area, like some computer desks have a "cabinet" to say for the tower to go in. I never use those because of that reason right there. If it is that it is in a cabinet like deal and you have to have it there or just want it there, try putting a small fan blowing on the back of the system. I once modded a desk to have a fan in the front door of the cabinet pulling air in at the front of the system and a fan in the rear of that cabinet pulling air out the back and it resolved the issue.

Also The lack of or poor application of Thermal Paste on the Processor and Heatsink could cause this issue, but I would expect eventually and pretty quick actually, the processor would burn up and go bad.

Also there was a issue with Capacitors on motherboards several years back... Maybe you got this system from a friend and the issue was never known or what no... ALL Computer Manu had this issue and it wasnt isolated to Computer Products either.. but in your case look at the capacitors on the motherboard for the caps on the top to be bulging out... and even still, if there is none, you could have a bad board...

You also could have a corrupted OS... Weather it be a virus, pirated OS or Software, Malware/Spyware. Things like that.

So you are looking at, A bad install of the OS, Ventilation, Memory, Fan Issue, Power Supply, Processor and/or Thermal Paste Issue or a Motherboard... One of those is causing it.