Screen problem on hp pavilion dv9000

 breaper -
The picture on my laptop screen jumps up and down and the only way i can stop it is to keep moving the lid until i get a position that it will stop.
Has anyone else had this problem as my laptop is only 18 months?

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I think that there's a technical problem with your laptop screen! you will have to bring it to a technician.. if you still have warranty just send it to the shop you purchased it... they will be able to repair it
Thanks for the advice, unfortunately the warranty has expired. I will take it to my computer guy and see if he can fix it.
> persiapoo
I've had the same problem with mine, also no longer under warranty. After several months my laptop screen eventually could not maintain a solid picture without assistance. After about 45 seconds of feeling around the edge of the screen with my fingers, I found a spot that, when squeezed, steadied the picture.

I put a clip on that spot (for me about 4 inches down from the top left corner of the screen) and have been running fine for about 2 months since.