How to add Facebook Messenger to home screen

How to add Facebook Messenger to home screen

This article will explain how to pin individual Facebook Messenger conversations or group chats to the home screen of your mobile device. However please note, as of March 2020, this function is no longer available on newer updates of Facebook Messenger. If you are still using an older version of Facebook Messenger that hasn't been updated for several years then this should still work.

How to pin a Facebook chat shortcut to your home screen?

  • Open Facebook Messenger > Conversations view.
  • Hold your finger down on your conversation and wait for a few seconds. In the menu that opens, select Create Shortcut:
  • Facebook Messenger will then display a message that reads, “Shortcut username create”.

How to pin a Facebook group chat to your home screen?

Go to the Groups tab and select the desired group. Tap on the More menu > Create shortcut to add the group chat to your home screen:

N.B.: This tip applies to both iOS and Android models.

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