Re-using results of batch script?

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Hiya :)

I'm reasonably new to using batch scripts - and essentially I want a way to be able to resolve an active directory domain name on a machine, store it in a text file and then ping that address? I might be doing this the long way around as there might be a much easier to do it! But my logic at the moment was to export nslookup to a txt file and then ping the first line of nslookup.txt (after the first 9 characters where it says "address: " or something similar, and then store that in a text file too!

if im massively overcomplicating things please let me know!


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May 29, 2018 at 09:02 AM
Hi Connor,

what is it you want to achieve?

Are you wanting to ping the domain DNS name or the FQDN of a computer?