Unknown network has attached my phone

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I have Verizon data and overnight it changed to a completely different internet provider which is called Alliance partner Verizon can give me no help and United Partners said it was impossible but yet I have the screenshots and a phone that is no longer working because of that provider how could that have happened and what can I do a SIMs card is not solving my problem also and it also says unusable SIM card.. could this have anything to do with the device administrator I see there has been a few changes in my settings which I did not authorized what do I do ? Alliance partner says that's impossible and Verizon support says they have never seen anything like this I guess I might have to just get a new phone which is not pleasing me at all ..please help anyone??!

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Jun 5, 2018 at 05:02 PM
Your provider(s) need to assist you with this, as you are already paying for support. Why have a free forum fix this when you are paying for the service?

My free advice is to jump up and down in your providers store till they fix it, or wipe it back to factory, and start over. Or better yet, wipe it in the store and hand it back to your provider and tell them to cancel your services as they are providing you no SERVICE!
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Believe me I have tried everything they will not refund my money I used for data that was never used and they just it said good luck hope you can fix it because they said that they had tried everything and it has to be a internal dysfunction which made me laugh because yes it's external they said the only other thing to do is do the factory reset which I did and it did absolutely nothing I wiped it clean when I logged in with my email it came right back on my phone do you know who Alliance Partners is? I could not believe that Verizon had never heard of this network they also told me to go to the store and give my sims card to a high school graduate with all my info on it I'm not that stupid so my solution sadly is my home Wi-Fi or smashing his phone on the cement I have complained enough I think they know me by name... I'm tired of being on the phone for hours with these people with no results! If Verizon has never heard of this before I I am completely staying away from anything that has to do with their company.. I have been through 6 specialist with Verizon and that would make you think why would you need 6 specialist for one person uneducated is my guess.. and how can 5% of my data be consumed without being able to connect at all? Where did it go I hope this is not a security issue which is actually tickling my back of my brain!! But I have downloaded all my info and I suppose I we'll go shopping for a new phone without the Verizon logo it's amazing how absolutely nobody knows the answer to this screenshots and all! Thank you for answering me!!
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Jun 6, 2018 at 04:29 PM
Sorry to here. I have no issues with Tmobile, fyi!