Home page & seting not work

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my facebook home page not loding & found

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Do you have a question? Maybe something like, why can't I connect to any webpage?

Then we would say, turn WIFI, or data on!

Please recover my facebook
You set my setting
I can't set

I can't see

You are VERY mistaken! We don't have any control over YOUR SETTINGS! Does google load correctly? If not, then no pages load, and you probably need to turn on WIFI, or Data! If you need help turning those settings on, take the phone back to where you bought it, and have them assist you!!!!!!

Set my facebook page can't loding

Please help assist facbook set
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As I asked previously: DOES ANYTHING LOAD ON THE SCREEN? WHAT ABOUT GOOGLE.COM? Does that load or NOT?

You asking the same thing over and over isn't helping with the indication. You need to follow my instructions in order to troubleshoot what the problem is!!!!!!