My HP Compaq 6720s

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My HP Compaq 6720s is turned off and won’t start again, when I connect the charger it's turning on and of all the time until I disconnect the charger. When I try to turn on from the battery its jus coming up lads for 3 seconds and it's turned off again. I think that in both cases it's starting cooler, hard driver DVD but nothing shows on display. Please help me

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Ok, but I remove battery and try it to star just from charger but it's still not working
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This is because your battery's lifetime has been used up! you will have to purchase another battery!

It could be due to a dodgy battery...
But I would personally guess that it is becuase of your charger cable!
If you are using a charger cable that was not for that exact laptop (although it may fit it)
The charger cable is giving a little power to the laptop, but because of the lower voltage amount given from the unusual power cable, not enough power is given to the laptop to keep it booted up, thus the latop battery is dying. :)