Remove Lotus Notes NSF file error [Solved/Closed]

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Whenever an error is encountered in Lotus Notes it generally denotes that the NSF file is corrupt or get damaged. To prevent this we should know how to deal with errors. Errors in Lotus Notes can be solved by following method

Corrupt Database- Cannot Allocate Space
Delete the cache.ndk file
Rename the bookmark.nsf file in by going to IBM notes directory

Can't Use Administration Program While Domino Server is Running
The error is generally caused in by configuration settings in Lotus Notes files on client side and on server side
This can be resolved by going to Notes.ini file
in the Notes program file section add parameter "Directory="
Restart domino server to solve the problem

Network Error
If there is any network error in the Lotus Notes then make sure mail file is set to 'on server' and send outgoing mail is set to 'through domino server'
You can try to open Replicator page and replicate the line 'Send Outgoing Mail'

By these methods you can easily fix these errors and prevent them from further occuring.
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