How to listen to WhatsApp audio without sender knowing

How to listen to WhatsApp audio without sender knowing

In WhatsApp you can turn off read receipts for text messages, however, you can't deactivate read receipts for voice messages. If you want to listen to an audio message without feeling pressured to respond immediately, here's how to listen to WhatsApp voice messages without sending a read receipt.

How to listen to WhatsApp audio messages privately?

  • With airplane mode

Our first suggestion is also the easiest method. Once you've received a voice message, first, make sure the audio has been downloaded, and then activate airplane mode on your phone. Then you will be able to listen to the vocal message without the sender's knowledge. Since airplane mode cuts your internet connection, WhatsApp cannot send a read receipt to the sender. Check our article about how to appear offline in WhatsApp.

  • With a playback app

The second method requires downloading an audio player, such as VLC. You can download WhatsApp for Android and WhatsApp for Mac. This app stores your phone's audio files. Once installed, open the app and go to Folders > WhatsApp > Media > Voice Notes. In this folder, you will find all of your WhatsApp voice messages, and if you listen to them from the app, the sender will not receive a notification that you have played them.

  • By forwarding the message

This last method is a perfect workaround but requires some attention to privacy and security concerns. Once you've received a voice message, forward it to someone you trust and then listen to the audio in the new conversation. Afterwards, you can easily delete it.

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