Not sata option in BIOS

 ashish -
What to do if there is no option for Sata in BIOS.?

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If there's no SATA options on the bios you will have to do a bios update!! Just try to find the update file to be downloaded on the net according to your machine number!
But how to install updates or how to update the BIOS. I mean to ask using our current OS or something else required to update it(BIOS).
> Sanjay
dear sir, i have a p4 desktop pc,i want to change ide hard disk to sata but i have no option of sata in my bios setting .how can i install xp-sp-2 on my pc.thank q.
as i think simply you should use pata to sata converter.....beacause there is a option to change sata to pata(IDE) in BIOS, but there is no any option to PATA to SATA in BIOS.
and another option is to update your BIOS using downloading BIOS driver.

Thank you.
Ashish Gupta