Problem of RAM in Photoshop [Closed]

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I have some issue regarding Photoshop and my RAM. When I click on "preference", a tab appeared with this statement, "an integrated between 96 to 8 is required, closet value inserted."

Is anyone having any solution for this issue?

Please help!
System Configuration: Windows / Chrome 71.0.3578.98

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this worked before:

Go to Edit menu > Preference > Performance.

After it, increase the let Photoshop use to 1504 or 100% by moving the sliders below the box. Then, click OK.

Hope, it is fixed!
no it didn't worked because the big issue is, that when i click on preference option a box appeared with this statement
"an integrated between 96 to 8 is required, closet value inserted."
after this click on and have to turn off Photoshop.
Ok so place an INTEGER value in the range. How much ram do you have, multiply by 1024, and subtract 1024 from that nunber. Viola, you have thrown all but 1gb of RAM at the application.
i have 4gb RAM, and where to put INTEGER value?
4*1024=4096 !=> 8

Four Times TenTwentyFour equals forty ninety six, which is not greater than 8. You do not have enough RAM!
If the first number doesnt come to over 8192, then you dont have enough physical RAM to perform the processing! Easy as that!