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Thursday February 28, 2019
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February 28, 2019
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Hello, I need help .. I was infected with a type of ransomware called .promoz, apparently it is new, because I search the web and I do not see any type of decryptor to solve my problem. I leave some screenshots of what the virus did. (I change all file extensions on my disk, leaving them unusable) Even if I try to change the extension, they are apparently encrypted because they will not let me open them. Can somebody help me?

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Yup. it looks like it! So, you go to websites with an elevated login? This is the reason why ADMIN accounts (not everyday usage account), and user accounts are created, along with User Account Control, which is built INTO WINDOWS to prevent this type of action.

If it is a new virus, there is nothing you can do, but wait.

Let me guess, you were looking at promotional wares, and a website slipped you ransomware?

If you were browsing with a standard login, you would have been prompted to install something. If you were browsing with admin credentials, it won't challenge you, as it is already promoted to ADMIN!

I agree with you, I find nothing. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to go and find what websites you visited, and REPORT THEM. So, you need to set your browser on OFFLINE, OR unplug your NETWORK card, and go back into your browser history, and look at the latest sites, and REPORT THEM!!!!!!