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Which is the best antivirus for windows 11


Hello, For the last 2 months, I am using Windows 11 and please let me know which is the best antivirus for Windows 11

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Hello, same here with my MAC, Avira is stuck in the installation mode, keeps asking to check "allow" in preferences. I have checked the box, 5 times...

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Elena Keracheva  

There is no removal tool of 19 version

Hello, i have a problem.while installing quick heal installation does not proceed further,internal error is occur,when extracting installation...

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I not receive activation code

I not will receive activation code for advance sever please send me

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Which is the best antivirus in 2020?

Hello, Please let me know about the best antivirus software for all PC in 2020.

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Smadav not opening

when i installed smadav 2020 and his shortcut in desktop screen.I click it shortcut but not opening smadav how it solved

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Forgot password antivirus

Helo Forgot password

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Which antivirus software is the best and most economical?


AVG, Avast, and Kaspersky are among the three most popular free downloads as antivirus software based on an article I read However, which is the most ...

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How to scan documents online


can i scan my personal document from a library computer? and how?

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File opening problem

Hello, problem while running a file

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Cannot install avira antivirus


Hello, I'm trying to install Avira antivirus, but it does not work. It says that there is an error in installing the program. It says that: A secu...

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.promoz ransonware

Hello, I need help .. I was infected with a type of ransomware called .promoz, apparently it is new, because I search the web and I do not see any typ...

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How to disable avast antivirus firewall

Hi all i'm trying to access my network computer with the help of another computer, but i'm not able to access because of my avast antivirus firewall. ...

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My picture is deleted automatically

Dear sir, now a days i am facing a bog problem. My picture is deleted automatic. Some of picture i include that massage. Please helo me hoi i can solv...

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Not update my guardian netsecure.

Hello Window 7

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Kaspersky no scan on mobile phone

Hello, i connect my smartphone to the computer it works good.but when i want to scan my smartphhone using kaspersky internet security i could

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Reactivating eset - smart security antivirus


How could I reactivate ESET-SMART SECURITY antivirus? I made the question because the license expired and it orients me to pay for a new one. The tec...

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How to delete mcafee


How do i get McAfee off my computer.I've tried and tried and it wont let me delete it.I know there's a process to it.can you help me?

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Windows defender security centre update


Hello, I am using windows 10 64 bit, I am unable to update windows defender. Once I click on check for updates it starts checking and nothing happen...

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How to unblock in avast free antivirus

Hello, hey i am using Avast Free Antivirus in my pc and when i am open virus chest there no file , plz help me and find another way for this pro...

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Remove avira antivirus from windows 10 registry

I installed this program a while ago but it caused some problems. I uninstalled it and did not experience any further problems until Windows kindly up...

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Guardian antivirus internet connection

Hello, My Gaurdian Antivirus doesn't recognising my internet connection on computer..although fact is that connection is working properly on th...

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Unable to get rid of avg 8-free addition...

I have installed and uninstalled AVG 8.0.i wanted to get rid of AVG to use Kaspersky but when I run the installation file for Kaspresky it still picks...

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Different eset internet security settings over dif

Hello, I am trying to figure out a way to have different settings (firewall filtering mode mostly) on different Windows 10 accounts. For example...

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What's the best anti virus installer free for my laptop

hello everyone, what's the best anti virus installer free for my laptop? thanks

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How do you rate antivirus software

How do you rate antivirus software?

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Antivirus & internet security

What is the best antivirus and internet security that is free and downloable and no trial time. Thank you very much pompei

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Computer crashed because of 2 antivirus installed

Hello, I had Avast in my computer for a month and I just wanted to have k7 in my computer, instead. But I did not uninstall Avast when I was install...

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Antivirus linux ?

Hi, What is for you, the best resident antivirus under linux ?

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