Yahoo account problem

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I tried and tried and yahoo brought me to the infinite circle to recover my first yahoo account password. My cell phone number changed and I can’t access to my alternate email. There must be a “human” contact solution. If the answer is “NO” because of those robotic values, then tell me I’m being considered as a robot literally.
I’ve got lots of photos of mine with my classmates back in 2008 in my yahoo account and I’m right here now to show up and you can see my face to believe and understand that it is my account which I’m trying to recover since longtime or you are a robot and you don’t understand even one word of what I’m talking about.
the yahoo account which I’m trying to recover is :
Is there anybody out there to help ?!!

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November 23, 2021

If you have forgotten your password and you can not recover your account with the recovery methods registered to your account, there is no other solution.

You guys you just can’t help people! Do you?! You are not able! lol