Free Fire account transfer: Facebook to Gmail, request

Free Fire account transfer: Facebook to Gmail, request

If you want to change how you login to your Free Fire account, then you can transfer your Free Fire account login to another platform, this article will show you how to switch a Free Fire account from Facebook to Google and vice-versa.

How to transfer Free Fire account?

In order to change your Fre Fire account access from Facebook to Google (or Google to Facebook), you will first need to go to the official Free Fire support website. This website is dedicated to helping with Garena Free Fire support issues, such as Game Concerns, Technical Issues and Payment Issues. Changing your Free Fire account access falls under Game Concerns

  • Once you select Game Concerns, go to the Game and General Inquiry section, and select See all 22 articles. Scrolling down, you will find How to submit a request.
  • This will explain how to submit a request. You need to submit an account transfer request to change accounts.
  • Before you do this, make sure that you know your email address, Facebook account details, your Google account details, your Free Fire ID, your in-game name, and your server location.

How to submit a Free Fire request?

  • Once you have made a note of all these details you will need to select the Submit request button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • You will be directed to the submit a request page where you will need to select your location from the drop down menu.
Location screenshot
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  • Now begin to fill out the form with the necessary information (email address, Free Fire Player ID and in-game name). Once you have done this you will need to select the appropriate type of request for this situation.
  • Previously when you selected the Game Concerns option, the next drop down: select the type of problem allowed you to choose account loss, however that is no longer possible. You should be able to select Technical Issue instead.

What is an example of the request description?

This is the important section, where you will need to add a description of your problem, containing as much information as possible concerning your problem, your account details, the Facebook (or Google) account that you are currently connecting with, and the Google (or Facebook) account that you wish to use. Here is a draft copy that you can use to fill in the description:

Hello, my Free Fire account is currently associated with the following Facebook account: (enter Facebook details), and I would like to transfer this account to the following Google account: (enter Google details).

Finish the description by adding any relevant information, even if you have already given it previously in the form: email address, Free Fire Player ID, in-game name and server location.

Can I add attachments?

If you want to add any additional attachments, such as your profile photo, profile data you can add them as an attachment by using the form. Once you have completed the form, click send request. You will hopefully receive an email from the Garena Free Fire support team within a few days that will say that the transfer of your account has been successful. If Free Fire has any concerns with transferring an account (suspicions that an account has been hacked), then they may decide to not accept the transfer. Also, if this is your second time requesting an account transfer, they will most likely not allow you to.

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