Black screen blue box gateway ne56r10u [Closed]

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My mom bought a used laptop from a thrift store/consignment shop recently and went to start the laptop up and it's nothing but the black screen with a blue box and NOTHING we've tried has worked for her! I'm wanting to help her so hopefully she didn't waste her money on this laptop. We've tried the f buttons it doesn't bring anything up, the enter key does nothing and nor has removing the battery attempt. CAN ANYONE HELP ME ASAP PLEASE???

System Configuration: Android / Chrome 73.0.3683.90

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If you press cntrl alt delete, does it respsond? If so, go to task manager, start new task, type explorer and hit enter.

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It won't even boot up is what I'm saying. It doesn't go past that black screen with the blue box asking for a password.
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Ok, this is the first mention of a password, sir. This is the bios password. To clear it, you must take the ram cover off, remove the ram, and look for CMOS label located next to two pins. With the laptop off still, short those two pins together with a paper clip. Put it all back together and try to boot again.

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