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I am following instructions to email photo my myself. Have saved the photo as both a jpeg and a gif. After right clicking, I do go to signature box in setting and "insert photo". When I enter the URL, I get the following message.
"We can't find the image at that URL
Please check the address for typing errors.
Make sure the image is public. If your image is protected by a password, or on an internal network, we will not be able to read it.

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Ok so where did you upload it to? If the inage is still on your hard drive, then you need to upload it to the web. Your hard drive is not a URL.
Thanks for your help. It is still on my hard drive. I do not know how to upload it to the web. I will good it. Wish I were more techy.
Upload it here. I will give you the url from here
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You are so awesome! I cannot thank you enough.

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