Need help computer network shared drive setup

Fletch - Jun 16, 2009 at 12:34 PM
 Fletch - Jun 17, 2009 at 09:48 AM
Ok I am in need of some help here as I am working on trying to figure some networking or remote desktop setups out. Heres what I want to do and what i have to do so... I have a small store and currently have 1 cashregister computer setup. Its a windows xp pro computer with a program called TRS-8 which is my cash register program. it lets me ring people up keep live inventory and keep customer info in it. I have a second computer I want to have as a second cash register same way but I want to be able to keep my inventory and info all current so what i was thinking can I have the second register computer access the original one and run the same program off that computers harddrive so all the info is actually coming direct from that original computer. this way if I have 6 items and each computer rings up 1 sold it will show the correct stock as being 4. I had a few ideas but not sure which is easiest and best for what i have. I was reading maybe remote desktop would help? maybe a wireless network group?? Both computers have current windows xp pro build 3 on them. I have currently AT&T 2wire router modem. its a combo that puts out my wireless signal as well as its my modem but I have options for another if need be.My main computer has a direct ethernet cable to the wireless router for a connection. The second computer has a netgear usb wireless card to connect to the internet. Can I set this up so both can run the same program at the same time from the original harddrive or do I need to break out my n+ wireless Belkin router that will allow an exertnal harddrive to become a wireless drive access point. I just want to be able to have both cash register/computers able to ring people up same time and use the same inventory amounts on the original so inventory is correct? any ideas are appreciated..Im good with builkding computers setting them up and web design but networking is little new so be gentle..Thankls in advance

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Ok well no answers yet hope so will follow. I did get a network up and can use remote desktop to access the original computer. My question is..Is there away to use both computers at the same time accessing the same drive? Everytime I use computer 2 to access the computer 1 drive it locks the computer 1 out and if you try to use computer 1 it logs off computer 2. Is there away so i can use both at the same time or would I have to have a 3 machine and use the original as like a server then the 2 remote machine could access it at the same time?