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i have an ipod touch, most recent version, and it wont turn on. i was playing a game and kept crashing, so i turned off to restart it. but when i tried to turn it back on, it wouldn't. when i tried to charge it, it wouldn't lite up or turn on at all. when hooked it up to my pc, it would come up on my screen please tell me how to like restart it without hooking it up to my pc, or turn it on please!!!!!

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my itouch would not turn on so i plugged it in to my pc and it still dident turn on. i was really worried beacause it was only new. i held down the cirle button and the power button at the same time for a few seconds and it turned on!!! try it! it might work for your itouch too. i hope this helps.
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THANKS i held it down for like a minute and it turned on!!! thanks so much!

wow it wworked for mine too!!!

Hold down the power button and the home button. When you see logo or anything release the power button BUT CONTINUE TO HOLD DOWN THE HOME BUTTON! Go to itunes and then restore! Promise it will work!
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the iTouch might have been broken and needs repair.

contact the shop where you bought it or contact your local Apple reseller.