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  • Micro Projectors - are they worth it???? Solved/Closed

    Hello, Are micro-projectors worth it? I have seen a few of them on the market, but I haven't read many good reviews, just mediocre reviews. I wan...

    drifter12 | Hardware | Latest reply: gkpoint May 27
    2 replies
  • Corrupt/unreadable hard drive Solved/Closed

    My WD Elements hard drive is corrupt or unreadable and I would love a solution. Anyone have any tips to solve this problem at home? When I plug the h...

  • ASUS laptop won’t start but the battery light is orange Solved/Closed

    Hello, Trying to figure out why my ASUS UX330U notebook pc won’t turn on. When plugged in, the battery light is orange, but the power button does ...

    Cappy1998 | Laptop | Latest reply: Phil May 19
    2 replies
  • PC typing an asterisk after every letter... Solved

    Idk...I'm banging my head against a wall at this point. About a week ago, my computer, out of nowhere, started to put an asterisk after every letter. ...

    Venusrising144 | Keyboard | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 17
    9 replies
  • Pendrive shows occupied space but is empty Solved/Closed

    Hello, Hello, I am using a 8 GB pendrive. when I insert this pendrive in any computer,it shows the occupying space.but when I open it .it shows ...

  • Toshiba laptop shuts down instantly on start Solved

    Hello, my toshiba laptop screen suddenly went blank,now everytime I try an turn it on it instantly shuts down within a second,i cant get into any ki...

    madforit | Laptop | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 14
    24 replies
  • HP Ryzen 3 or HP i3 or Lenovo? Solved

    Hi  I want to buy brand new lap top in limited budget . In this budget one of the following lap top I can afford : Kindly suggest me which one should ...

    Ahmnief | Laptop | Latest reply: leoa69 May 11
    2 replies
  • LG Flatron screen can't turn on Solved

    Hello, My monitor was on sleep mode (orange light) so I pressed spacebar to awake it. However, it just went blank on me and I couldn't turn it on s...

    magick_33 | Monitor | Latest reply: Tommy May 09
    9 replies
  • False Advertized Keyboard from Amazon Solved

    I ordered a keyboard from amazon that was advertised as having n-key rollover, which means it can detect any number of keys pressed at the same time. ...

    ClaraMGraham | Keyboard | Latest reply: HelpiOS May 08
    1 reply
  • Kingstone data Traveler 32gb is write protected Solved

    Hello, Dear Supporter I have one flash drive model kingstone data traveler 32gb but I can not format it when I format it show mesag medai is write...

  • Updates Bios for Connex Stealth mode Solved

    How do I update Bios for the Connex Stealth book L1465? (Windows 10) Your help is appreciated. Thank you 

    vintek_123 | BIOS | Latest reply: HelpiOS Apr 19
    1 reply
  • Lenovo ideapad motherboard's capacitor Solved/Closed

    Hello, I own a lenovo ideapad gaming 3 15.6" laptop So, yesterday I was upgrading my RAM into 16GB, everything was going fine until, trying to put...

    maejortrippy | Laptop | Latest reply: zak Apr 16
    23 replies
  • Keyboard issue Solved

    I seem to be having trouble with my keyboard while gaming - some keys are not registering properly or are sticking. How can I fix this issue?

    georgebush15 | Keyboard | Latest reply: georgebush15 Mar 22
    2 replies
  • My arrow keys will not scroll down when I hold them down Solved/Closed

    Hello, So recently my laptop keyboard arrow keys stopped working, I use them to scroll up and down pages and this is very inconvenient for me so I...

    _Michelle_ | Keyboard | Latest reply: Me Mar 15
    6 replies
  • Keyboard wont type any letter twice Solved

    Please, how can I fix my keyboard? It is "refusing" to type any letter twice, any backspace or anything twice. I have to do first something else on th...

    zsal5718 | Keyboard | Latest reply: Mack0121 Feb 20
    24 replies
  • Some keys on laptop not work properly Solved/Closed

    Hello, i have a problem with my laptop some keys doesn't work, the key "C", "Q", "Y" but if I press it sequence it works again and sometimes it ...

    ferdz30 | Keyboard | Latest reply: Chris Feb 17
    12 replies
  • Gateway laptop screen went black Solved/Closed

    I was on my gateway laptop Looking at a program on the Internet when the screen went black. When I tried to reboot the laptop it will not turn on. W...

    Bunny5 | Laptop | Latest reply: Ed Feb 16
    3 replies
  • lenovo T470 power LED blink 3 time but it's not powering up Solved

    I have managed to solve this issue after following the below steps. 1. remove batteries(both internal and external 2. remove RAM and CMOS battery ...

    hemantha | Hardware | Latest reply: Eliseiuwka Feb 02
    2 replies
  • Unable to get WiFi with D-link router in Dell Inspiron N5040 Solved

    Hello, In my Dell Inspiron N5040, I am unable to get wifi. I can easily get broadband but not wifi. I use a D-Link router.  I tried many hacks menti...

    babu7 | Laptop | Latest reply: babu7 Jan 30
    2 replies
  • How do I insert the the hash # character on the keyboard Solved/Closed

    Can someone please help me with inserting the hash # character from the Keyboard of my New Lenovo G505 Laptop

    Jaytouch | Keyboard | Latest reply: Smile Jan 22
    12 replies
  • Hash # key on keyboard in Lenovo yoga 530 Solved/Closed

    Hello, Please can any one guide me how can I type Hash # on keyboard of LENOVO YOGA 530?

    hussainnrm | Keyboard | Latest reply: Olurachey Jan 22
    2 replies
  • Fan runs so fast but cpu is not rebooting Solved/Closed

    Hello, I would like to have some help bec our cpu is not rebooting but the fan runs so fast. Was the motherboard problem?

    Ai | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: Johnny Jan 20
    2 replies
  • Does Acer Aspire have a backlight keyboard? Solved

    hi hello please tell me if Acer Aspire ES 15 model ES1-572-33ZU have a backlight keyboard?

    batang-akrho... | Keyboard | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jan 11
    1 reply
  • Cannot type @ on my acer laptop. Solved

    Hello, Cannot type @ on my acer laptop. Please help fix it. Configuration: Mac OS X / Safari

    cornelius | Laptop | Latest reply: Oma Jan 10
    6 replies
  • Can I find my stolen WB Passport external hard drive? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I am looking for my stolen WB Passport external hard drive

  • How to access BIOS or Remove HDD password? Solved/Closed

    Hello, I set an HDD password for my "Toshiba Satellite L850-A848" laptop. Now I can't get to the BIOS settings. So, how can I open the BIOS? if ...

    n1amr | BIOS | Latest reply: ahmed Dec 30, 2022
    8 replies
  • How do I type the @ on a British keyboard? Solved

    Hello, I have bought my brother a computer here in the USA and now I have set it up for the UK.....Doing all the nice things on the computer for hi...

    Steve | Keyboard | Latest reply: jonearthur Dec 15, 2022
    7 replies
  • Left shift key has been typing out this symbol "|" Solved/Closed

    Just recently, my left shift key has been typing out this symbol | when I press it. But only when I press it on the left side closer to the Z. This is...

    Dislexiya | Keyboard | Latest reply: Philly Dec 3, 2022
    6 replies
  • Laptop Shut down by itself Solved/Closed

    Hi I was doing some stuff on my laptop and it just shuts down and lost my work. And I notice that everyday it does this with me.do you think it's a vi...

    bobgure | Laptop | Latest reply: 111Leah Nov 21, 2022
    33 replies
  • Keyboard Backlight Solved

    Hello, I just got an acer aspire e 15 es1-511-c9xb. I don't know of it has Backlit keyboard. Please if it does, how do I enable it?

    Vicoco | Laptop | Latest reply: HelpiOS Nov 1, 2022
    1 reply
  • number sign (#) Solved

    hello. i have a problem  i dont know how to write number sign (#) in my keyboard my computer is ASUS TUF Gaming Dash F15  can i even write this? i...

    sonata_4825 | Laptop | Latest reply: HelpiOS Oct 21, 2022
    1 reply
  • PQI USB - How to delete write protected Pendrive partition? Solved

    Hello, I have encountered lots of useless tips with Windows settings, registry edit, and command prompt walkthrough and DEAD LINKS but nothing worked....

  • hasee Laptop does not turn on Solved/Closed

    Hello, my tn govt laptop hasee laptop doesnot turn on when i press power button. it doesnot blink the charging indication light on my laptop wh...

    MBarani | Laptop | Latest reply: Zyg904 Oct 6, 2022
    2 replies
  • Some keys stopped working i.e.B, N, Space, Arrows Solved

    Hi, Suddenly some keys on my dell vostro 1015 (such as B, N, SPACE BAR, ARROWS), stopped working without any reason. Its been 1month and yet I have...

    shreeraj365 | Keyboard | Latest reply: Elaf_tauqir Sep 30, 2022
    11 replies
  • Toshiba laptop black screen Solved/Closed

    hello, i have a toshiba laptop, i had a problem that the laptop turn on but the screen does not... can anibody help me how to fix this? or is it the c...

    LasDay | Monitor | Latest reply: Peter Sep 13, 2022
    2 replies
  • Toshiba laptop: power works but screen won't turn on. Solved/Closed

    Hello, I have a toshiba laptop of age 1-2 years old. A fex days ago I restarted my laptop and all assuden the screen won't turn on anymore. Wh...

    slicedash | Laptop | Latest reply: Peter Sep 13, 2022
    10 replies
  • Printer not printing black Solved/Closed

    hey there, I have an hp j3680 inkjet printer. It not printing black although both cartridges are new. I just bought it last month and after some days...

  • Hard drive wont show up even in device manager or disk manager Solved/Closed

    I've used this hard drive everyday and stored my files there. Unfortunately, it's not appearing in my computer but the blue LED lights up and I can he...

    mckmsha | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Shreyans Sep 11, 2022
    17 replies
  • PC wont turn on. Fans spin loud. Solved

    Hello everyone. Im new to this forum so I hope you can help me with my problem. Today I was playing some warthunder when suddenly my pc just turned of...

    juancrg | Motherboard | Latest reply: Jack Aug 23, 2022
    12 replies
  • Toshiba Satellite mouse pad stopped working Solved

    Hello, I was using my Toshiba Satellite and it froze up. I turned it off and then back on and my mouse pad stopped working. My cursur will move an...

    wat3755 | Laptop | Latest reply: nasir Aug 23, 2022
    218 replies
  • Can't transfer data from external hard drive Solved/Closed

    Hi, I recently started having problems with my external hard drive (Seagate Expansion 1TB), after 2-3 years of flawless performance. It started off...

    adamk1 | Hard Drive/SSD | Latest reply: Peter Aug 18, 2022
    15 replies
  • access denied error while copying data to pen Solved/Closed

    Hello, I m getting problem like access denied error while copying data to pen drive.So pls tel me the soln. thanks Nitesh

    nitesh | Hardware | Latest reply: Peter Aug 18, 2022
    2 replies
  • PC turns off automatically in summer days Solved/Closed

    Hello i have a problem in my windows 7 pc. My pc warm up after 20 minutes and off directly in summer hot days. In my pc room has not window but i hav...

    Md Farzan | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: Msnowden Aug 15, 2022
    3 replies
  • 3 beeps no display on monitor Solved

    Hello, I have a computer which has stoped working. There is no display on monitor the computer beeps three times, I reseted ram, video card and al...

    Yousaf khan | CPU/Desktop | Latest reply: mohdayman000 Aug 8, 2022
    15 replies
  • Type the rupee symbol with Lenovo keyboard Solved/Closed

    Hello, How do I type the rupee symbol with lenovo keyboard (the numeric key 4 has two symbols dollar and rupee), Please help

    Mumi | Keyboard | Latest reply: umeshr1 Aug 3, 2022
    6 replies
  • Fogorten my meccer laptop password. How can i unlock it? Solved

    Fogorten meccer password. How can i reset it?

    Artiey | Laptop | Latest reply: HelpiOS Jul 28, 2022
    1 reply
  • laptop keyboard letters are not working Solved/Closed

    Some of my laptop keyboard letters are not working and some of them like when I press m a have j and when I press x I have s I need help pleeeaaaaaaz

    ilhammoulablad | Laptop | Latest reply: Tapaswani Jul 19, 2022
    2 replies
  • All keys minimize my browser. Solved/Closed

    Hello, My cat walked across my keyboard and now every key either minimizes the browser or changes its size and location. HELP!! It's a HP laptop Sy...

    Jmom | Keyboard | Latest reply: olivia Jul 19, 2022
    2 replies
  • No display on monitor, light blinks Solved

    Hello, Yesterday, I was thinking of upgrading my RAM. I bought 512 MB SD RAM, but when I opened my CPU I realized that I am not sure if my machine ...

    Harsh20_4 | Hardware | Latest reply: Anonymous Jul 7, 2022
    9 replies
  • My SD card does not have the GB it should have Solved/Closed

    mi tarjeta SD no tiene los GB que deberia tener tengo una tarjeta SD de 64GB pero pone que tiene 2,96GB, que hago? de sistema de archivos tiene FAT32...