Confusing Problem

 BC -
I can't check my E-mail, the login information bar that you type stuff in doesn't appear & it loads forever.

I can't look at videos, except when its shown from a different domain. i.e. YouTube doesn't load the video, the box that shows the vid isn't visible, not even a space! Except when viewed from a different website like

System Restore doesn't load, just a white box.

Mozilla Firefox can't load pages, just says Server Timeout.

My MalwareBytes Anti-Malware said once when ot was scanning it found a Vundo Trojan 2 Adwares, called MyWebSearch, and 1 FakeAlert Trojan, all deleted, and quarantined, except somebody deleted the MalwareBytes Anti-Mwalre, I re-installed it, and it probably unquarantined it.

I tried clearing my cache of browsing history, disabling cookies etc. Everything! (Except the F8 [its possible thats the answer, though when you select change all configurations back to its original you know, is it permanent?] Safe Mode)

Can somebody help me please!

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try to repair your system by using the Windows Installation CD.

check if you have Adobe flash player installed on your computer.

this will allow you to view the videos.
I have Adobe Acrobat...but no Flash Player, and when I try to download it, it doesn't work, nor does any other download...