Cand open my D: Drive

 ajay -
i have a 2nd HD that never had an OS on it i used it as my back up
theres 2 partition on this HD and one ofe the partition is working normaly the other one i cant open it
is there anything i can do to fix it without loosing my data

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not open d drive on double click get me solution quickly
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Hi. Well it may be a problem that may need to reformat you HD and if you do that you WILL LOSE any data on you HD that you want to fix. I don't think you want that.

Another solution is to back up those files an then formatting the HD, but that may be a little complicated.

Try this:

1. Boot Windows in Safe Mode and then try to open it.
2. Try to use a Hard Drive Enclosure: If you are unable to open it from a Hard Drive Enclosure, then the only thing left for me is to format the HD. BUT REMEMBER: You will lose any data on that drive.

I hope it helps, Good Luck :)