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My PC hangs after Windows starts up. It hangs usually after 10mins of start up. Everytime I run programs like RF Online or any other programs such as games, it hangs after several minutes. Please help me ! .. this is the specs of my PC :

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate
Product: Acer Aspire M5641
Intel Core2™ Quad processor with 4GB of RAM
nVidia 9300GE Video card

.. my PC is new, I bought it last week ..

there is only few programs installed like RF Online, AVG Anti-Virus,Download Accelerator Plus, Garena and Windows files.

Your help will be appreciated.

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windows 7 is still in the beta version, so it contains many bugs.

this may be the cause of the problems that your are getting.

the final windows 7 will be available in october 22.