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The advantages of C

C is one of a large number of high-level languages designed for general-purpose programming, in other words, for writing anything from small programs for personal amusement to complex industrial applications.

C has many advantages:

* Before C, machine-language programmers criticized high-level languages because, with their black box approach, they shielded the user from the working details of the computer and all its facilities. C, however, was designed to give access to any level of the computer down to raw machine language, and because of this, it is perhaps the most flexible high-level language.
* C has features that allow the programmer to organize programs in a clear, easy, logical way. For example, C allows meaningful names for variables without any loss of efficiency, yet it gives a complete freedom of programming style, including flexible ways of making decisions, and a set of flexible commands for performing tasks repetitively (for, while, do).
* C is succinct. It permits the creation of tidy, compact programs. This feature can be a mixed blessing, however, and the C programmer must balance simplicity and readability.
* C allows commands that are invalid in other languages. This is no defect, but a powerful freedom which, when used with caution, makes many things possible. It does mean that there are concealed difficulties in C, but if you write carefully and thoughtfully, you can create fast, efficient programs.
* With C, you can use every resource your computer offers. C tries to link closely with the local environment, providing facilities for gaining access to common peripherals like disk drives and printers. When new peripherals are invented, the GNU community quickly provides the ability to program them in C as well. In fact, most of the GNU project is written in C (as are many other operating systems).

For the reasons outlined above, C is the preeminent high-level language. Clearly, no language can guarantee good programs, but C can provide a framework in which it is easy to program well.
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