Can ping but can't use browser in normal mode

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I also have the problem where I was unable to connect to the internet via any browser, but I can ping my router. I noticed that turning off the zonelab firewall would resolve the issue, so I decided to uninstall zonelabs. I guess that was a mistake, b/c after uninstalling ZL, i was not able to connect again at all. I ran the winsocksxp fix listed in the posting, and that did work in Safe mode, but when I rebooted in normal mode I was still unable to connect to the internet using the browser in normal mode, even after re-running the winsocksxp fix again in normal mode too.

I have 4 other computers on the same network that are fine, it's just this one laptop that is having the issue.

I have connected to the router both wired and wirelessly, and no difference there.
the problem also browser independent IE, FF and Opera are all affected.
I've tried specifying DNS servers .. no luck.
I am running XP sp2

I've run anti-virus and spyware programs as well.

Should I try to re-install the ZoneLab's software? Any other suggestions?


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The following were carried out in order of appearance:-

My computer had Norton's virus scan product but was out of date. I didn't use it. I used malwarebytes, Avast and Housecall (over the net.)

I cleaned 26 malware and 2 viruses out. I think it damaged some files because the normal mode froze and didn't complete loading the desktop.

* I repaired WIN XP with the OS CD and this fixed my loading problems.

*IE7 worked in safe mode but not normal mode although all internet connections were fine in computer and from router to WWW. I could only ping to router though, not to outside world, in normal mode.

*I deleted Norton's virus scanner from my computer and BINGO! Good as new!