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  • Version 108.1.5359
  • License Freeware
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UR Browser is your gateway to a safer, faster, and more personalized web experience. It seamlessly blends top-notch security with effortless usability, ensuring your online adventures are both protected and enjoyable. Imagine browsing with lightning speed, all while your privacy is shielded behind robust security measures like an integrated VPN and ad-blocker. UR Browser isn't just a tool; it's your trusted companion in the vast digital landscape, tailored to your unique needs and preferences.

What is UR Browser?

UR Browser is an innovative web browser that redefines your online experience with a focus on privacy, speed, and customization while providing an extensive list of features.

Crafted for the modern user, it offers a unique blend of rapid browsing speeds and robust security features. Its standout characteristic is the built-in VPN, ensuring your browsing remains private and secure. UR Browser's interface is highly customizable, allowing users to personalize their experience with various themes and widgets.

Additionally, it prioritizes user safety with an integrated ad-blocker and advanced virus protection, keeping your digital life secure from threats. With UR Browser, you enjoy a seamless, secure, and personalized browsing experience, perfect for those who value privacy and efficiency in their online endeavors.

What are the key features of UR Browser?

  • Customize your browsing experience: Transform your browser into a personal retreat through the rich gallery of HD and 3D parallax wallpapers, or elevate it further by uploading your own image for a truly unique background.

  • Centralized information hub: Discover the convenience of a customized Homescreen that brings together news, weather, search, and more. Tailor your widgets and backdrop to fit your unique style.

  • Effortless download management: Easily locate your downloaded files from the intuitive Download Manager. A simple click reveals all your recent downloads, making file management a breeze.

  • Accelerated download speed: Experience downloads at lightning speed, up to four times faster than standard browsers, thanks to the advanced parallel downloading technology.

  • Versatile media downloader: The Media Downloader, ever-ready at your fingertips, allows you to download videos and images directly from websites, offering a range of options for saving and filtering content.

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  • Chromium without Google tracking: Enjoy the benefits of Chromium without Google's built-in trackers, ensuring your personal data remains just that - personal.

  • Flexible search engine options: Choose from a variety of alternative search engines, including Qwant, Lilo, Ecosia, and StartPage, to find what suits you best.

  • Integrated ad-blocker: Block unwanted ads and protect your sensitive information with the option to allow ads on trusted sites.

  • Extension compatibility: Personalize your browsing experience further with a variety of extensions available from the Chrome Web Store.

  • Convenient bookmarks: Easily bookmark your favorite websites for efficient browsing.

  • Quick access to favorite sites: Reach your favorite websites instantly from the Homescreen, organized into customizable "Moods" for various activities or places, like UR Home, UR Work, or UR Shopping.

  • Trustworthy news sources: Stay informed with credible news stories sourced exclusively from esteemed agencies like Reuters and BBC, ensuring a no-fake news environment.

  • Secure download scanning: Automatically scan your downloads for viruses with an integrated virus scanner alerting you to any potential threats.

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  • Phishing and malware detection: Automatically receive warnings about potential phishing or malware-infected sites, with encrypted site redirection for added security.

  • Robust encryption technology: Secure your sensitive information with 2048-bit RSA encryption for SSL certificates, which is crucial for secure transactions and real-time communications.

  • Built-in VPN service: Enjoy a secure browsing experience powered by the built-in VPN, creating an encrypted tunnel for all your internet activities beyond just browsing.

  • Anti-profiling feature: Stay anonymous with the anti-profiling technology, which continually randomizes your device information, making you appear as a new user for each visit.

  • Enhanced private browsing: Go beyond standard private browsing with Ninja Mode, allowing you to surf with both regular and private tabs, automatically erasing your tracks upon closure.

  • Password management system: Keep your login credentials safe and organized with the built-in password manager. 

How to use UR Browser?

  1. Launching the app: Simply double-click the desktop icon or locate the browser in your applications to get started.
  2. Web navigation: Utilize the address bar to visit websites or conduct searches. Enjoy the convenience of multiple tabs for browsing various sites at once.
  3. Privacy management: Tailor your privacy preferences by enabling the integrated VPN, ad blocker, and anti-tracking functionalities found in the settings.
  4. Custom extensions: Improve your browsing with a variety of extensions available from the Chrome Web Store.
  5. Bookmarking sites: Effortlessly create bookmarks for your most visited websites, ensuring easy and quick access.

Is UR Browser free?

Of course, UR Browser is totally free to use.

Is UR Browser safe?

UR Browser is considered a trustworthy web browser you can use with confidence. For further explanation about the way your data is handled, you can consult their privacy policy.

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