Conditional Formatting

Gaz - Aug 27, 2009 at 08:11 AM
 Qman - Aug 27, 2009 at 08:29 AM
I am trying to get cells to change colours depending on a number entered. Ideally I would like to use 'Y' or 'N'

If 'A1'=no value entered Then 'B2,.....,B6' does not change
If 'A1'=1 Then 'B2,.....,B6' change to red
If 'A1'=2 Then 'B2,.....,B6' change to green

2 responses

I assume you are using a spreadsheet application.
Depending on your application, there are different ways to do this.
But basically you go to the cell you want to format - in your case B2
Select the option for conditional formatting from the drop menus.
Choose the first format option.
Choose the way the decision will be based.
In this case by FORMULA not Value.
type the formula $A$1=1
then Format what happens when that formula is true by selecting the Pattern, or color the cell is to change to.
Repeat for other formatting options.
Save or Apply.
Copy the formatting to the other cells, or while still on the cell click on the Format Painter (paintbrush) and click-hold-slide across B3-B6 to copy the format.
*If typing $A$1=1 doesn't work, try =$A$1=1