HDMI video + RCA audio, how to combine? [Closed]

 Jason -
Hey there.

I have a DVI to HDMI cable connected from my computer to the TV and am getting a really nice picture.
Now I know that DVI doesn't transfer sound so I tried plugging a RCA cable from the TV to my computer and the problem is that though I get sound, it is on another channel.

The HDMI setting on my TV gives me the computer display but no sound, then another channel EXT YPbPr gives me the audio but no picture. So I was wondering if there was a way to transfer the audio over to the HDMI settings on the TV?

Hope I was clear enough. Thanks in advance!

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[quote name='Manipulation' post='140097' date='Sep 18 2009, 07:43 PM']I don't know of any way that you can use Ypbpr to transfer the sound with hdmi. It's either use hdmi or use ypbpr cables, can't use both that I've seen. In the back of your TV[b] or wherever you plugged your hdmi cable, it should show a spot where you put your hdmi cable, and a place to put your audio for cables[/b], in which you will find the corresponding cables needed, it should be the old white and red cables.[/quote]

Ah!!! I'm so stupid, didn't notice that the TV had a third HDMI slot on the side where there are plugins for the audio. I kept trying the HDMIs on the backside where there were only slots for the ypbpr audio. So the problem is fixed now, thanks for your time and for the tip. I'm a bit embarassed to say the least :lol:
Hi, I used that side audio input with the HDMI, still got no sound!!
Usually you have to combine the audio and video somehow. with a surround sound reciever for example, you would program the reciever to output the video from one input and the audio source on another input. Then the reciever would act as a combiner and output both signals on a single HDMI cable.