Word/excel passoword lost [Closed]

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I have loss my word/excel password both are my personal files, can u pls help me.


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Dear Sudheer,

Could you please give more details whether you have set a lock on the folders or other means for setting a password

on it.

Thank you

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated. Add comment

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Hi Louisstep,
Thanks your quick responds, actually I have two documents one is word and another one is excel, both file have my personal document, I create both files a security password to open these files, now I have forget which type password I put these files. So I need to open both files.

Awaiting your early reply,

Thankds in advance,

Dear Sir,

You could try using a recovery password according to the security application

that you used for setting the password. This should help you find the

password again.

Thanks in advance.

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