How to convert the tamil pdf file to tamil word file [Solved/Closed]

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plz give the solution
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SPrabhakaran - Feb 5, 2015 at 08:55 AM
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1. Open the PDF file in Adobe Reader.
2. Click File-->Properties menu. A dialog will open up.
3. In this dialog there will be a 'Fonts' tab. Click the 'Fonts' tab. All the fonts used in the PDF file will be listed. If it is a 'Tamil' language pdf file there will also be tamil font listed (bamini, tsc, latha etc). Note down this 'tamil' font used in the PDF.
4. Go to internet download the same font from internet and install the font on your pc.
5. Now open a new word document as well as the tamil pdf file to convert.
6. On the pdf document select all text and do a 'copy' (ctrl + c).
7. Switch to word document and do 'paste' ( ctrl + v).

Thank you, SPrabhakaran 42

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when I convert pdf tamil file font name is khalaham but after convert to word the words are come the capital tamil font model. what is reason?
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Well, If you have WORD and a scanner, Scan the Printed PDF into an OCR software suit, and export the outcome to Word.

That will do it.
This link is very useful to know the process of copying tamil PFD text to tamil word test
The exact font iam not getting
Thank you
The idea works, but it changes the last few letters incorrectly. For eg. varavillai in tamil becomes varavilsai. Why.
It is a single sentence i tried and got the wrong conversion.