Can't download Sims 2 Pets!! PLEASE HELP [Closed]

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Uughh! I hate this stupid annoying complicated downloading.

I already bought disk 1 and 2. I put it into my CD Rom and they asked for CD 2. Okay, I put that in there. NOTHING HAPPENED! There's no button where I can say Install. And when I put disk 1 in, the only thing it says is to pick the language, English or Spanish. I clicked english and then they asked for disk 2 and then nothing happened when I put disk 2 in. I tried everything. PLEASE HELP! I DESPERATELY NEED TO PLAY!

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Dear Cind,

While inserting the second cd, if nothing happens, please run the cd by right clicking on it

and selecting open.

Then run the installation shield.

This should solve your problem.

Thanks in advance.