Activation code for antispyware 2008 xp

 Jerseygirl -
can someone help me to get activation code for antispyware 2008 xp

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Delete this right away from your computer!
It is a scam to let you pay for nothing,
it shows alot of popups and fake trojans/keyloggers.
you can find some things on google to delete this.!
Thank you

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Windows Antispyware 2008 XP is big-time malware. It looks authentic but it is the opposite. It was installed on your computer without your knowledge. Every pop-up saying you have X number of spyware and trojans is a lie. It is very hard to remove with standard spyware removers and antivirus programs. Don't even bother.

In order to get the creature OFF your computer. Go to www.malwarebytes .org and download the latest free program. Let it update with the latest signatures and then do the scan doing either "quick" or "full". There might be other programs that can remove it, but THIS is the one that has worked for the two computers I have recently encountered that have this problem. Good Luck!
Thank you

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Unfortunatley it isn't always that easy.
I have been trying for 4 days now, and yes I've used malware as well as superantispyware, AVG, ComboFis and many more. The one thing that actually worked awas to manuall remove all files having anything to do with it.
There is a guide to as how this is to be done, do a search (google) for "XP 2008 antivirus removal".

Good luck.
thanks dennis!
your a life saver =]
kind regards
man ur like my god thkz for ur help about xp antispyware 2009.great work dannis thkz again ;))

you are awesome! your suggestion seems to have worked.

much appreciated!
I totally agree with Dennis I have used malwarebytes on many pc's and it has always removed the 2008Xp virus completely, now I use it everytime a PC has an issue that could be virus related. It is a great product and best of all it is free.
yeaah denniiis! you're greaaat!
thank you soooo muchmuchmuchmuuucchh :)
hey bytheway, i don't have to purchase it, right?
No. Malwarebytes is free, but the purchase version has other features which you may want.

Here is what I use to keep my computer free from harm....and the neat thing about it is that it's all FREE!

1- Windows Defender

I program it to do a scheduled update and scan overnight.

2- AVG Antivirus 8.0

It has a spyware detector as well as antivirus. I program this to automatically update and scan each night, too.


I keep this handy and perform a manual scan once each week.

That's it! It's a simple formula. No guarantee it will work for everyone, but my computer has had no complaints!
You should probably keep your eye on the tray icon to make sure that your AVG scheduled updates ocurred.
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Broekie is entire right, antispyware 2008 xp is a malware thus be careful.
Best regards
That is a Virus, he will destroy your PC.
It's nasty. So glad it worked for you, MAJA.

If you are out there looking for an activation code for Windows Antispyware 2008-9 XP, stop what you're doing and read the above.

Thanks alot for telling us about that. I actually came across this while searching for a free version or an activation code, but when i read your post I quickly downloaded malwarebytes.
Thanks alot
Good day to you dennis..I juz want to thank you for this forum..It reaLLy heLped me a Lot..I was so cLose to giving up and reformatting my pc but I didn't Loose hope and searched for the activation code and I saw ur forum..First,I red everything to see if I can have the activation code and saw ur repLies..Good thing I beLeived in you.I reaLized now that it was not onLy the good choice but the best..I owe you big time :)Keep it up..Thanks again ang more power to ur site..
Thank you so much!!!!!!!

THANK YOU~~~~~!!!!!!! ^^ Finally, my poor lil computer is fine again. ^w^
Please tell or send me the code

Thank You. But this is not my personal forum. I found it on the Internet...just like you did. When I saw people asking for the activation code, I sounded the alarm in the clearest way I knew how. Let others know about the dangers of Windows Antispyware 2008-9.


ow..okey..i will :)