Cannot open removal tool for lsas.blaster.key

 Susie -
I also have the trojan LSAS.BLASTER.KEYLOGGER. But the only thing I can get to is the internet. I have no desktop. I have downloaded the removal tool but can not open it. There is a warning that comes up saying security tool warning. I cannot go into Add/remove programs get the same message. What can I do?

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Dear Sir,

Please consider going through the solution below:

Isas Blaster Keylogger Worm Removal

Thank you.
i have this weird virus cannot get rid of it i have mcafee security what do i do
I got the blue screen of death ..but when i read it told me to go in safe mode <when comp starts up keep pushing F8.> When you get in safe mode Iwent systems tools and set my computer back a week and rebooted and it was gone
This has been a big pain to get rid of keyloger
oh!! thanks> I will try this.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!! Setting my computer back a week in safe mode got rid of the virus!