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My problem is that I had a problem with my computer. So I went out and bought a new hard drive. Set up everything just like it was but not firewall and my computer would restart so i went and downloaded one. saem problem just a lil later. I thank the people in here for the messages about how to download the files. DA PEOPLE HAD THE HELL CAN YOU DOWNLOAD ANYTHING WITH OUT THE COMPUTER WORKING. so i think the only way to fix this problem is to buy a new hard drive and set it up. there are somethings i can help peopel out with, the boot CD. i have tryed many things on it but did not work.

But the problem i have now is my computer gets stuck on windows start up and if not that it will show blue screen. Yes i did look up the info for it but it does not work. If anyone knows of a WORKING BOOT CD let me know. if you know how to fix it. IF YOU KNOW tell me not if you guess i am sick of my computer crashing over and over 5 times i had to get it fixed no it is not a vires thing i know it's not it is a software problem and i does the reset to keep from any more dammege.

What type of computer does eveyone have because if it is the same people then i guess i need a new computer. even though my dad's works fine.

Email me if any info or need of help.

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Dj , hope your are fine , so to be able to help you i will require some more information concerning your computer.

Can you give me the specifications of your system.

Starting from :

Os your are using
Configuration of your system

Also please take note that sometimes it happens that problem occuring on your computer is not due to hardware problem it can also be a conflict on your system files..

Try this dear'

Start your computer then press F8 you will be booting on safe mode.

Once there try fixing out the problem.

Hope this can help .

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