How to replace Vista with XP on Acer M1610?

TomTen - Aug 29, 2008 at 08:34 AM
 BlueRose - Sep 9, 2010 at 10:12 AM

Is there anyone who has removed Vista and installed XP on an Acer ASM1610?
Could you describe how you did it?
There are XP drivers available for M1610 so it should be possible and Vista is
so slow on M1610 that I'm sure many have done this.
An installation from a CD with XP can not be started (you can not "downgrade").
Pity if you're stuck with Vista on 1610 since otherwise it is cheap and upgradable.
Even has PCI Express slot if you get tired of on-board integrated graphics,
although diagnostic programs like Sandra and Belarc do not report this.

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I have installed XP on my M1610, and all is working fine. The Acer website has all the drivers needed, if you select XP then it offers only LAN, Modem, VGA and Wireless LAN. I used the VGA from here, if you now change the OS selection back to Vista Home Prem then it offers a second LAN driver (SIS) and the Audio Driver. These can be downloaded and work fine.

XP MCE installed fine for me.. even found the SATA drive. Needed the ethernet driver, tho.
The Smart Way To Rip And Replace Vista With XP ...

the article you posted doesn't even tackle driver installation w/c is the most painful part of the downgrade.
Thanks for the link! Full of good info!
i have been having this problem i replaced vista with xp pro and now windows doesnt read my ethernet adapter. but i have ubuntu on the same computer and it does ill have to read thru the articale and see if it helps thanks for the link

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yes i have done this when you place the xp disk in the drive push f8 until you see it ask you where to boot from, (selcet boot from disk) then it will run, it will go to a blue screen which will ask you if you want to format a partation select the drive and the disk will do the rest it will format the drive and install xp , but before this find the ethernet driver for your computer so that way you can be online and update all other missing drivers...very important to get the ethernet one first put it on a disk so you can load it onto your computer after xp is finished ...hope this helps