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 LissaCaldina - Apr 3, 2009 at 02:17 AM
I get this message error every time I turn on my computer: Error loading C:\PROGRA~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\1.bin\M3PLUGIN.DLL
Anyone have any idea on how to stop or get rid of it I'd surely appreciate it. This thing is annoying.

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Sep 1, 2008 at 02:57 PM
Hi There
That file belongs to the My Websearch toolbar, which is malware.

If you have recently cleaned up your computer to remove malware, then a reference was
left in Startup.

See below for how to manage your Startup.

If you have *not* recently cleaned up your computer, you need to do so with apropriate software.

Starup management - Start then Run then type msconfig
click continue.
Then see what is on the Startup tab.

You don't need to restart immediately, but the next time you do you'll get
a dialog saying you've used the Utility click continue without restarting.

In the startup tab disable all items and restart and see if that fixes the issue.

If it does go back into the msconfig and select 50 percent of the startup progs and restart if the problem restarts then its in the 50 percent you enabled if not guess what yes its in the 50 percent you didn't enable. if in the 50 percent you didnt enable then Dissabe the first 50 percent and enable half of the startup progs you had dissabled. If it was in the first 50 you enabled dissable half of what you have enabled in the msconfig startup and then restart, keep doing this until you have found the offending item. This is just a process of elimination.

Important - Do not use the System Configuration Utility to stop processes.
Instead, use Start then Run then services.msc [enter] and do not stop any services
unless you really, really know what you're doing.

The free Autoruns program is very useful for managing your Startup '

The following 4 lines of text I found on another website I myself cannot verify if the following will work or not but it must be worth a try.

Check your programs list for myfreeweb search or something along those lines. if the program doesn't show up in the list, seach via start menu for C\Program~1\MYWEBS~1\bar\M3PLUGIN.DLL and delete the myfreeweb forlder that comes up. this should resolve the issue after restart.
WOW- thank you so much for the help!
Thanks for the tip! You're a gem!
LissaCaldina > JAM
Apr 3, 2009 at 02:17 AM
I had the same problem but it didn't help me at all.