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i recieve more than a 150 anonymous phone call from a psycho,i have changed my number so many time but he has people who is working for him in optus and vodaphone ,i dont know what to do i have lost my business because i used to switched off my mobile all the time and he realy gets into my nerves,he wants me to go out with him and he wants me to talk to him 10 hrs a day if i dont he will blackmail me to my family and my community ,all i did one day i went with him set with him face to face and talk to him in order to solve the problem but it seems he has recorded everything to use it against me if i dont do what he says,my question is how i can block unwellcoming call i spoke with my phone company they says if he calls you as a block number we cant do much ,i am realy exhusted please help if you know something .

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Dear Begana,

Please have a legal case filed and hence let the investigations

bring you to the culprit. This will be how you are going to have

the problem fixed.

Thank you.