Dvd player will not autorun [Closed]

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Hello, my dvd player is a pioneer DVD -RWDVR-K15RA.
When I put a disc in, regarless if its a cd or a dvd, it will boot up, but the it stops. It will not autoplay.
However when I go into my E drive, I can play it that way. How can I get it to autoplay??? I have tired everything I can think of but it still wont autoplay. I have tired several discs ad it still wont work...please help me!

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this is somewhat curious that it doesnt want to autoplay but anyway have you tried to right click on the dvd rom drive and cant you see the option autoplay?
yes I have done the autorun thing....and still nothing....when I go into my event viewer and into system I have a message.....this ddevice device\device\cdrom0, has a bad bloack, and I am not sure how to fix this......