How to stream Windows Media Player: to Chromecast, to TV

How to stream Windows Media Player: to Chromecast, to TV

Windows Media Player 12 allows you to stream multimedia content stored on your Windows PC directly onto your Smart TV without the use of cables or additional hardware. All that's required for this simple guide is a good WiFi connection. This article will show you how you stream Windows player to your TV and Chromecast device.

How to stream Windows Media on your Smart TV?

  • Run your Windows Media Player, and open the Library that houses your content. Depending on the type of media you're looking to play, this can be either music, pictures, or videos.
  • Next, right-click on the file that you would like to play and select Play to > Choose your Smart TV.
  • Turn on your Smart TV. A dialog box should appear on your screen asking you permission for your PC to access the TV. Click Allow Access for your content to be displayed.

How to stream Windows Media Player to Chromecast?

  • Firstly, connect your Google Chromecast device to your TV through the HDMI port, and then connect your Chromecast device and computer to the same WiFi.
  • Open Chrome on your PC, go to the Menu and then select cast. Your PC will now search for compatible devices.
  • On the sources menu, select cast desktop.
  • A pop-up should appear showing the whole screen.
  • Now choose share screen. Your computer's screen will now be displayed on your TV.
  • All you need to do now is open Windows Media Player and start playing a video and you will see it on your TV.
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