How can i use my tv as a moniter

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i have dell studio 15 laptop and it has 15 pin contection to use projecter or tv and i am trying to use JVC tv with that but its not working can you plz tell me slution for this .i was tryied cable 1 side 15 pin for laptop and other side 3 pin for tv and also tryied sacrat lead for tv as well but did not see any thing on tv screen and did not coming any voice from plz tell me that witch cable i need or wat can i do.i tried to change the laptop mode to projecter as well

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The vga (15 pin) connection is the correct cable to use. But, the VGA port is not activated when you turn on the laptop. You need to activate the "External Monitor" by using the correct key sequence. Dell's have a CRT/LCD function key ( it should be F8) that toggles between the different modes. You press F8 + Fn (function key on the bottom left) at the same time. ou also need to change the TV to accept the correct external device. You will find that the TV does not get a sound feed fro the VGA cable. you will need to run a second cable from the speaker/headphone jack to the external sound input port on the TV.

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thnks for replying me but these both thing i had already tried
wat next i can do?

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Please have the clear steps to carry out the task

through the below Kioskea FAQ article:

PC-TV Connection

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