I Can't Download Anymore

 Isibeal -

I hope this is the right place to post this.

I've been having a reoccuring issue when it comes to downloading email attachments or files or updates for games on my computer. For some time I havn't been able to download anything at all. When I try to download a file it will go to a screen and ask if I want to Run, Save, Cancel and I've tried running programs and saving them yet they will "download" and then simply dissapear or they "download" and then it doesn't go to the installation phase. I've even rummaged through My Computer to try to find the missing files yet I can't find them. Another thing is that I have also tried downloading from Firefox, but that doesn't work either. So right now I'm somewhat confused.

One thing to know is that I used to not have downloading issues until I went to college and I'm wondering what may have triggered it. I've tried opening email files at friends homes, on campus or from my parents house and I still am unable to properly download or even install files.

So please, if anyone can help me please do. I want to be able to download files from my email or favorite websites again.


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Dear Isibeal,

Please save the file and then get to where the downloads

are saved. Then open the file and install it.

Thank you.
Dear dist.urbd,

Thank you for the advice but you see I've already tried that. The file dissapears completely and does not save.

Dear Isibeal,

Could you please indicate where the files are actually

save when downloaded by getting to Tools, Options

and to the Main Tab.

Dear Dist.urbd

I have it set so that it will save files to my desktop and I tried to re-download Firefox to my computer just now yet the file dissapered and I can't find where the file may be. I have also tried saving to different files such as my personal documents or to My Computer but it still won't work.