C Drive Missing & Task Manager disabled

Prev - Sep 6, 2008 at 12:11 AM
 amol007 - May 23, 2011 at 03:32 AM

Alot of problems over the last few weeks.

System I am using in an XP.

FIRST Problem started when I upgraded AVG to version 8.0. After that a whole bunch of sites where login is required eg Facebook, Hotmail, Forums and even Google (which doesnt work after I hit search!). Apparently the 'solution' could be found by closing explorer.exe and for a while that has worked up till NOW.

Whilst trying to update the codecs for Real player(from the Real player link), I had a message come up stating

"Spyware Alert"

"Worm.win32.netbooster detected on your machine."

Oh and IF i clicked yes, I get fowarded to a link

At the bottom right where the time used to be, there is a message "virus alert" next to it.

Since that, my C drive has disappeared, but I discovered that starting it in safe mode under administrator has located it. When in normal mode, there is no C drive at all.

I am at a loss, any any help is greatly appreciated.

Truly very frustrating, may have to format my hard drive but not to sure how plus my original copy of XP is stored on my secondary hard drive (f) and I am unsure how to access it.

A very frustrated Prev.

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Seems like you have been infected with a fun list of trojans and malware. I just fixed 3 machines last week. To access you drives, explore the recycle bin and then in the address bar type C:\ and hit enter, that will allow you to view your files. Search for SDFix using any of your favorite search engines. Exctract it to C:\SDFix. READ all the information and help files. Boot into SAFE MODE, if you can't you can run the SDfix from regular mode and I think it gives you the option to re-enable booting into SAFE MODE. Follow all directions, let it run, it may seem like it is frozen for a few minutes, but it is doing much stuff. After that is done, search for KillBox, Rogue Remover, SuperAntiSpyware FREE, run those and that should solve your problems... in any case, I would BACKUP ALL FILES that are IMPORTANT to you BEFORE attempting to fix this nasty mess you have.
SDFix is the trick. Virus Alert! and all the issues like 24 hr clock, c drive missing, task manager missing, regedit unavialable., all FIXED! Thank you for the outstanding advise.
Thanks for your responce , your really great, i have found this topc on google search,
Just a quickie to say thanks. I've had the same problem and it's now sorted thanks to your advice :-)
when i go to click on my c: i can't acces it its comes up with some reycler error and when i go to sreach for recycle bin its not found. the psace on my computer is still there form teh c drive but i can acces it please help
thanks for my help