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TinyTask is a so-called mouse logger. That is, a software that records and memorizes the movements and clicks you make with your mouse and keyboard. This way you can automate tasks that you commonly perform on your computer. When used the right way, TinyTask can be a true productivity booster.

What are the key features of TinyTask?

  • Lightweight: TinyTask is a minimalist application that weighs only 35 KB. You don't even have to install it in order to start automating your tasks. Simply download the program and execute it right away.
  • No limits: You can virtually automate any task you want. TinyTask pays close attention to your mouse movements and keyboard commands. When you finish recording you can test your newly created task to see if the result is satisfying. You can use TinyTask to open specific websites in your browser, change a setting on your PC, as an auto-clicker in video games, and much more.
  • Simple controls: Simplicity is key to the success of TinyTask. The interface of the application consists of 6 very straightforward buttons: Open, Save, Rec, Play, Create .exe, and Preferences.

How does TinyTask work?

There are two ways to start recording your mouse and keyboard activities. Either click on the Record button in the interface of the tool, or hit the Ctrl-Shift-Alt-R on your keyboard. TinyTask can do everything you have programmed it to do. Once you have saved a new task you get the chance to assign a unique hotkey to it. This way you can perform the automated task through a single click!

How much does TinyTask cost?

You can use TinyTask completely free of charge. Simply download the software by clicking on the green download button on the top of this page. Due to its small size, you can easily share this application with your friends and family by email or through WhatsApp and other social networks.