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Jump into Football Manager 2024 and lead your dream team to glory! Explore Japan's J. League, craft winning strategies, master the transfer market, and see your tactics come to life with enhanced gameplay. Your ultimate football journey awaits!

What is Football Manager 2024?

Football Manager 2024 is a football management simulation game that invites you to craft your unique football story. Whether you start from the grassroots or aim for immediate stardom, every type of manager finds their perfect challenge here. This edition is a game-changer, introducing Japan's J. League for the first time. You can now manage in the J1, J2, and J3 Leagues, adding exciting new dimensions to your managerial journey.

Import your career from FM 2023 and continue your quest for dominance in football. Develop winning tactics with modern systems and innovative positional play. Master the transfer market with new strategies to sculpt your ideal team. Train your players to foster a winning mentality and strong teamwork, essential for transforming your squad into champions. Experience the thrill of match day with enhanced game mechanics, where improved player and ball movements bring your tactical vision to life in the most realistic way. Your legacy in the football world starts here. Are you ready to take the helm?


  • Playable Japanese football leagues: Explore Japan's exciting football scene with the inclusion of J1, J2, and J3 leagues in Football Manager 2024. Dive into a world where you can discover and recruit emerging talents like Kaoru Mitoma, Takefusa Kubo, and Wataru Endo. While the Saudi Pro League isn't available this time, the Japanese leagues offer a fresh scouting ground.
  • Negative transfer budgets: Football Manager 2024 introduces the concept of negative transfer budgets. Now, you can exceed your initial budget to sign players. However, be cautious as overspending requires balancing the books later. If you fail to do so, the board may step in and sell players to rectify the financial situation.
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  • Smarter AI managers: Get ready for a tougher challenge! AI managers in Football Manager 2024 are now more intelligent, making strategic decisions in transfers and on match days. They'll focus on a player's form, reputation, potential, and how they fit into their team style, not just current ability. This upgrade means rival managers will be more competitive, making your journey to the top even more thrilling.
  • New ways to sell players: Selling players in Football Manager 2024 is now more dynamic. Interact with agents to gauge interest or quickly move players on. If agents are unhelpful, you can hire intermediaries who, for a commission, can generate interest in your players. Alternatively, use TransferRoom, a digital service for listing transfer or loan players, offering a less disruptive but slower method.
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  • Carry over your football manager legacy: In Football Manager 2024, you no longer have to say goodbye to the progress of your previous game. For the first time, transfer your save files from Football Manager 2023, including Console and Touch versions, directly into the new game. Continue your journey to promotion or championship glory seamlessly. While the Mobile version isn't currently supported, PC and console players can rejoice in this new feature, keeping their hard-earned careers alive and kicking into the latest installment.
  • Experience football like never before: In this title, you'll be amazed by the most realistic Match Engine ever in Football Manager history. You'll see players move and interact in ways that feel incredibly lifelike, thanks to advanced animations and ball physics. Plus, there's an exciting new player role - the Inverted Full-Back - adding a whole new dimension to your gameplay.

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  • Become a set piece genius: Get ready to revolutionize your approach to set pieces. With an overhauled Set Piece Creator, you'll have the tools to develop game-changing routines. And with the help of new Set Piece Coaches, you're going to outwit your opponents like never before.

  • Master the art of transfers: You're going to experience a very polished and refined transfer market. It's more challenging, with rival managers upping their game in recruitment strategies. Your squad-building skills will be put to the test like never before.

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  • Build your dream team: Team building gets more exciting with the introduction of new Intermediaries. They will assist you in shaping your perfect squad and negotiating the best deals. Plus, the debut of TransferRoom, a real-life football marketplace, brings an extra layer of realism to your team management.

  • Motivate your players to excel: This game lets you set individual Targets for your players, pushing them to achieve more on and off the field. Whether it's scoring goals or improving in training, you can challenge your players to reach their full potential.

  • Explore new ways to play: You're in for a treat with two new game modes; check them out below.

Graphics and sound

Thanks to noticeable improvements in match graphics, you will no longer get rigid player movements but enjoy more realistic ball dynamics and a vibrant, detailed pitch. Although the graphics may feel a bit outdated and are not completely bug-free, such as pixelated crowds and unusual celebration animations, these are minor hiccups. The integration of the Unity engine marks a new era, promising substantial graphic upgrades from Football Manager 25 onwards. Prepare for a more visually immersive football management experience! Regarding sound, the quality bar has also been raised to offer a more immersive experience.

In the end, Football Manager 2024 provides an immersive experience and focuses on offering polished and innovative gameplay features.

Duration and game modes

You are likely to spend 15-20 hours exploring the main parts of the game through the single-player modes. But it doesn't stop there, as you can take the time to hone your skills and play for hundreds of hours online with your friends and other players.

Regarding single-player game modes, three options to begin a save are available:

  • Original: Players are in the clubs they're currently in according to the latest Football Manager database when you start your game, mirroring the most up-to-date real-life information.
  • Real World: Players start at the clubs they were actually with on the day you begin your Career. They'll move to their new clubs on the dates they did in real life.
  • Your World: Teams and budgets are set based on the date you start the game. Only players who joined before this date will be in your club, and all future transfers from the Real World mode are canceled. This lets you potentially alter history.

And about multiplayer game modes, opt among Versus, Fantasy Draft, or Online Career:

  • Versus: In Versus mode, it's all about one-on-one showdowns where you can earn those bragging rights. If you think you can outsmart your friends, you can prove it here.
  • Fantasy Draft: Now, if you're into crafting the ultimate dream team, Fantasy Draft is your playground. Pick from the biggest stars in football and build a squad that's the envy of all. Then, pit it against your friends' dream teams and see who comes out on top.
  • Online Career: For the ultimate test of your managerial skills, jump into an Online Career game. Choose your favorite club and compete against friends and players worldwide. Show them who the boss is over an entire season. This is where legends are made!

What do the reviews say?

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Football Manager 2024 has a Metacritic score of 84/100, which is pretty close to the users' score, around 7/10. Overall, the game seems to be quite well-received.

"Football Manager 2024 is a true return to form for the series. Every addition we have seen feels important, more so than in the last couple of years, whilst the frustrations of FM23 have been left behind. The debate about annual releases will always rage on, but in this case, it's justified. The narratives that develop throughout a save, the relationships you create with players, and the joy of a last-minute winner are as prevalent as ever." (GGRecon)

Age rating


Football Manager 2024 is rated PEGI 3.

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