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wat up G, can configure my nokia 5130 nid ur assistance bro.

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Dear Sir,

For configuring your browsing option on your Nokia phone, you will have to

get the GPRS settings for your phone from your network provider and hence

obtain the instructions for activating it on your phone from them. For free

browsing, you will have to to check with the particular service provider

whether they do offer such free service.

Thank you.
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The only free browsing is on a blackberry device where you will be charged a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited access using the blackberry browser. On a nokia device you can browse the vlive besite free. you will get charged for items you buy. Hope this answer you question.

Hi there,

Contact you local network provider ,that is the sim card in sue,give them mobile phone model requesting them configuration setting for internet service,they will guide you.